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Manuel Gómez is the widower and Susana Barciela the niece of artist Antonia Eiríz. We created in as a showcase for her artwork, which we believe merits broader recognition and public exhibition.

Confined to the island of Cuba for most of her working life, Eiríz created world-class paintings, drawings, assemblages and prints that little traveled abroad. Thus, her work is known and admired primarily by aficionados of Cuban art.

The majority of the Eiríz works shown on this website were painted in Miami, Florida, in the last two years of her life and belong to our collection. It is only a small part of her life’s work. A number of her masterworks from the 1960s, including “La anunciacíon,” are on exhibit at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Havana, Cuba.

Compared by art critics to Francisco de Goya, Francis Bacon and the German expressionists, Eiríz painted in a style uniquely her own. It is our belief that people worldwide will appreciate the universal power of her art. Browse through the samples in this website and judge for yourself.

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Our thanks to:
Aurora Arrué
J. Carter Brown
Victor Díaz
Guido Llinás
Juan A. Martínez
Pedro Portal
Umberto Peña
Tomás Sánchez
Jorge Santís
Christoph Singler
Daniel Zuckerman
Louis Zuckerman
And Antonia’s beloved family and friends

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